7 Signs You Need a New Face Cleanser

7 Signs You Need a New Face Cleanser

Skin in a mood? Noticing a flare-up in your sensitivities? More dullness and dryness? Lines and wrinkles coming out of the woodwork? Lost that healthy, vibrant glow? Well, before you start blaming yourself there’s a more likely culprit we can point our fingers at instead…your face cleanser.


You know how they say, how you start your morning determines the rest of your day? Well, the same goes for skincare. What you use for your cleanser and how you use it, determines the effectiveness of the rest of your routine. Ironically, cleansers are often the most overlooked product in people’s bathrooms – any will do, right? Wrong! Here are the top 7 ingredients to look out for on your bottles which will tell you if it’s time to switch:


1. Synthetic Preservatives 

Often in the form of Phenoxyethanol or Parabens that have been linked to health issues including endocrine disruption, and skin irritation. These are most likely to be found at the bottom of an ingredient list, hidden all the way down there hoping not to be noticed.

2. Sulphates like SLS & SLES

These can also be found in commercial floor cleaning products, meaning they’re too harsh for use on the skin, in our humble opinion. They remove too much oil and moisture from the skin and wash away the skin's protective barrier causing tightness, redness and dry, itchy skin.

3. Petroleum Jelly

An ingredient derived from petroleum commonly clogs pores and promotes the growth of blackheads (no thank you).


4. Fragrances

The synthetic ones can be overpowering, cause reactions and sensitivities, and upset the pH balance of your skin. But having a scent to your skincare is a pleasure we refuse to pass up. Instead, we searched high and low to source a proprietary blend of non-irritating, hypoallergenic fragrances where each part of the fragrance blend is below the EU’s allergy threshold. We’ve used it in many of our products for years now!


5. Benzoyl Peroxide

A bleaching ingredient that should never be introduced to your skin. It can cause free radical damage, over-dryness and flaking, skin irritation, and premature ageing (ouch).

7. Alcohol

Other than leaving you with a nasty headache, alcohol applied topically also strips your skin's protective surface, depletes vital substances needed for healthy skin, and can even make oily skin worse by kicking it into oil-production overdrive.

While this list isn’t complete, and we could go on for days, what we’re trying to say here is watch your back! But watch the back of your skincare products closer…

Ready to switch out your face cleanser? Head to our guide on cleansers by skin type to find out which one is right for you!


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